Its been a moment since I been here~
forgive me for only visiting this place~ in order to release a certain energy~

Yet ~
I find myself~
over & over again~
if you read between the lines of where the first word stopped and began

you will find pieces of me strolled behind the foot steps of lovers lost~
of lovers found~

~when wounds healed~
I journeyed through lands of unknown~
where I found home~
Over & Over again

Life sits at the top of the hill~
for I~ Lover~ in the mist of the heavens.
returned again~

for those alive that I have lost I hope you hear your name as i write~ as I sing~ as I spin through creation~ your love speaks through those creations so gracefully~
for those transitioned from this life.. Thankyou for choosing my life to be in~ I will remember you in the most positive beautiful images of life~

and I await 2 meet you again~ 2 see your faces again~

and I am thankful~
over & over again~
~ love stops and begins~
R.I.P ~ and once again safe travels to the ones sick
Sorrow sits nexts to Joy singing lullabies


As the heart sits quietly listing to silences peace~
How does the soul sound  in the mist of when the spirit speaks~

so gentle~ so sweet..
it breezes so softly through door ways that meet on paths to higher realms~

Path ways that leads into Havens Gates~
Where Immortals sing and dance to waves of melodies that hit vibrational frequencies of memories that spread deep into the depths of love

I Love deeply through every single element of Life~
Once again death hits swiftly in my world~
and I breathe deeply~
I intake silently~
Lotus Petals.. Lunar Searching for SkyWaLker On a raIny Day~ 

and Like a Lotus~ I emerge into the waters of divine~ 

to Once again~
find myself~
Over ~

R.I.P to the oNes Lost.. Safe Transitions~