~My home is lost
~because my heart is scattered across seas~
So many I NEED to see~ so Many my spirit waits for~ as it sits beneath the willow tree~

if i cud paint a image~ the vibe would be me in the mist~ waiting for Sky Walker 2 return...
that feeling~ of dreaming of mighty elephants taking us off into the purple mysticz~
                                                                           ~I await~

 ~I await~ in the midnight hours~ as I write through journey streams of memories of lovers lost~ of lovers found on a journey of self~

                                                                       ~and I write~
                                                       ~so names stay fresh in brain waves~

~so time doesnt pass by unforgotten~ So my door stays open for that spirit mate that saved lunar on a rainy day~

as I find home Once Again~ My heart Dwells in the Love of Creation... for through creations I find away to make it~



  1. Beautiful, I can almost feel your longing...

  2. This is Sooooo beautiful!! Love it sis!!

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    them words are so bless give thanks for sharing love .. the spirit is what keep humans Irie we should feed it with great labor work .. love always ..Jendahye

  4. Patricia HeathJune 27, 2012

    you are a natural poet. even when you are just writing about mundane things, this beautiful spirit comes across. i really enjoy your writing.