28 years strong~

Im not forsure why every time I come to this space my mind becomes consumed with thoughts of deep oceans rolling off of hill tops~

 Flowing down river streams~
I dream of bridges crossed~ were i left droplets of my heart~
Stringing along to each other~
holding tighter~
Gripping harder~

Gripping with hopes that I will see them again~
Lovers lost~
then lovers found~

how this journey of life speaks~

How new life breathes~ 

Thankful to be 28 years Strong~
Leo Rising~
Lioness on top of Elephants Riding~

Until nexttime~


  1. What a bless page sistah ,
    Life is full of stairs we can go fast or low ,
    enjoye your Earthday ..
    Bless love

  2. john grossAugust 09, 2012

    The red dress 3 pictures from the top is incredible. May you have dozens more good strong years ahead of you!