Its been a moment since I been here~
forgive me for only visiting this place~ in order to release a certain energy~

Yet ~
I find myself~
over & over again~
if you read between the lines of where the first word stopped and began

you will find pieces of me strolled behind the foot steps of lovers lost~
of lovers found~

~when wounds healed~
I journeyed through lands of unknown~
where I found home~
Over & Over again

Life sits at the top of the hill~
for I~ Lover~ in the mist of the heavens.
returned again~

for those alive that I have lost I hope you hear your name as i write~ as I sing~ as I spin through creation~ your love speaks through those creations so gracefully~
for those transitioned from this life.. Thankyou for choosing my life to be in~ I will remember you in the most positive beautiful images of life~

and I await 2 meet you again~ 2 see your faces again~

and I am thankful~
over & over again~
~ love stops and begins~
R.I.P ~ and once again safe travels to the ones sick
Sorrow sits nexts to Joy singing lullabies


  1. Sabah El Nour wel Yasmine * good light and Jasmin*
    Words are strong when came out from woman
    woman in balance have always lights for guide
    From your sistah
    Jendahye .

  2. Among them are those also whose steps are fixed on earth but their necks are protruding into the skies, their limbs are getting out on all sides, their shoulders are in accord with the columns of the Divine Throne, their eyes are downcast before it, they have spread down their wings under it and they have rendered between themselves and all else curtains of honor and screens of power...