Take Mi DowN 2 ur RiVer~
I wAnnA GeT FrEe WiT You~
~Me'shell NdegeOcello Andromeda & the Milky Way

Harvest Girl ~@ Cave Beach

In so many ways i feel , yet I cannot explain the vibrations~
~the soul speaks in multiple forms and through that inspiration - I partake in creations~
Creations of LIfe~

ConTinUe 2 be InsPired then Spead that InsPirAtion on 2 sumOne ElSe~

SiNGiNg Hullabaloos ~
Harvest Girl


  1. Beautiful words and images. I especially like the one of you (?) working. Super cool!

  2. my sister, thanks for the very meaningful words on my blog. you're definitely an inspiration for me!

    love that meshell song.

    your garments and photos are stunning.

    i've GOT to remember to check your blog on a regular basis.

    hope all is well. :-)