Since he was born we have been taking him on strolls... pointing out the simple essence of beauty thru life~ seeing life thru the eyes of a child is just a amazing experience~

check out those New Boots~ he is styling.. lol yet ever since he got these boots he refuses to wear anything else on his feet.. it even got to the point of hidding them.. which he found them and came stomping out the room with them on... I believe that they make him Feel like a Big Guy~

check out a few of the new listings in the shop~

Multi Wear Harvest Vest~Scarf~Cowl~Shawl~Wrap Top ....

 until next time~

Love & Lightz~


  1. Oh wow! Your little one has done a lot of growing since I've last seen him. And, I especially love the Multi Wear Harvest vest. I think it's my favorite piece so far...but it's so hard to choose!

  2. Beautifull windows!!! Love views myself, and especially strolls with the Youth. So inspiring, peacefull and beautifull. The simplicity is wonderous. Give Thanks for sharing:) And I LOVE my Creations from you! Blessed Mama~