Window Shields~

It seems, regardless of were I am in this world...
I find beauty in window shields~

the Essence from light shinning through curtains captures my eyes leading them into a daze of sensational energy waves.

I am beautifully blessed to have known many.. and to meet many more..
Please go back with me as I day dream on past memory sources~
and manifest visions for future locations to adorn my eye sights on....
~window shields that take me into moor peace~
Ether Dreamz~

Until Next Time~


  1. i could insert myself into each of these scenes. so beautiful and peace filled! thanks for sharing.

  2. i love just looking at your pics. for most of them, after i finish adoring the clothes, then i start dreaming about the scenery.

    you got real vision girl.

    Patricia Heath

  3. Oh I am soooo there with you :) I do the very same thing myself. I am captivated by the sunsets and the bright afternoon sun.

  4. peace ...these pics are divine ! love all of them , especially the ones that reflect JA...your talented on many levels, yet very humble and human....surely glad to know you sistren !

  5. Holy cow!!! I am so inspired and moved by your pictures of your travels. Thank you so much for showing love to my blog, you seem like you live a very full, colorful, scenic life :)