How does love feel~?
Like fire~ triple blazing passion~
surrounding the moon light~

 LOVE~ in so many forms~
Healing on multiple levels~
~like the birth of a child~

~like the first time your eyes lay sight on a
Sunset setting down on a Oceans wave~

~like that feeling~
Love Like~
~The Mountains loves Rain on a Hot Drought Summers Day~

Like~ that feeling~
Of Peace~
PeaceFul Essence vibrates~ flowing through rivers into Heart Streams~

I was once wrote a prayer~ that was 9 pages long~
my spirit spoke to my soul~
my lovers live in darkness - where light shines the brightest~
their healing lights~ shine so bright on the deepness of wounds~



  1. Yes love is tru feeling...fire and water making time for blazing and flowing...both roaring together through the jungle of being free! B.Fire

  2. Oh WoW...EyE Was Truly Blown Away By This 1 ~*~ And For Those Hu Don't Know...I'm Verrry Hard 2 Impress - Love It !!!
    And The Piks Were Just The Perfect Accent :-)

    Alwayz N All Wayz

    CARE 2 CARE 1st


  3. Wow...how perfectly presented. Love the way your words flow