Life Cycles

Dayz in faLl

It has been a while since I last blogged. Alot of Life Cycles have come, passed and cycled around again.
hidding place

Beauty is in love and pain and I feel blessed to know both. I have been back and forth from my island life to the life of the states. There is not much of a difference except the exception of the slowness and ocean of the island. Yes you find so much beauty here in the states as well.

(a lotus flow in the back yard of my closet sistren house in Atlanta Ga)
Even in a state of pain it seems that life and creations continues to flow through the grace of Jah. I feel that life is not the struggle. This world is the struggle and life is a blessing filled with love and peace, it is where the silence sits and thinks.......

The other day my sister said in a disagreement we where having, that she doesnt take life so seriously that life is to short too... and as I had to sit back and meditate on her perception so I did not become defensive towards her with my own perceptions... I can overstand where she is coming from and how one could feel that way. I personally feel that yes I do take life serious and no life isnt to short. Life is a everlasting thing. I am not just flesh, I am not just human, I am a spiritual being, a womb, a soul, a heart, a princess, a empress, a queen, a goddess. I feel this deep in my soul and even the joyful things in life even the laughing fall out silly moments are so deep and profound for I. You see it is because this is life and life is such beauty. You can feel it the energy through every vain, you can feel the separation of the life force within you apart from your physical.

messie working

As I sit by the window and let the natural light flow through on my creations thought process. The joy from life cycles pass by singing lullaby's.
I have been very busy. Here in Atlanta trying to figure out my next move. I was planning on departing back to island life yet a meditation on movments in this time is serious. until then. I will create create create... alot of different projects Im working on now. working on building my inventory... and recreation my etsy shop... hope to share with you all soon.. until then... check out some of the most recent creations!!! (unfortunately mi sisters they have all been sold(exception of the longsleeve floater!!)

Love , Peace , Love

(ragga girl floater)

Ragga Girl Floater

(Shades Of Huez Long sleeve floater)


(Ngozi custom made floater.. Ngozicrafts.etsy.com)

Happy customer

(elephant sunflower embroidered skirt)

elephant sunflower skirt

(harvest girl apron top and pants)


(Harvest Girl Dashiki Top)

and so much more.. you can find most of them in the sold of my etsy..
One love Give thanks for the inspiration my sisters...

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  1. I'm in love with your fabric! I love beautiful, colorful fabric. A coworker is traveling to Egypt this winter and I will patiently await the beautiful fabric upon her return. :-)