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This was written in myspace blog on March 22. 2009

March 22, 2009 - Sunday

Azmera First Fashion Show

Greetings Beautiful People,

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to be a designer in the Fashion Face of the Caribbean Competition in JA.... This was my first Fashion Show Ever!!!!! I am so proud and happy just wanted to share my joy...

check the article 4 the winners...


Unfortunately they spelled my name wrong...

I can only strive to be better

The finalist ...wow look at all of them... I was like wait.. all these girls and only
one winner (well 2 runner ups and one big prize winner)... poor little

It was a success.. such a experience..... brought so many opportunity's for Azmera'z Harvest Wear..

So Watch Out
Give thanks to the Most High for all of the Blessing that have been gifted to I....

One love

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