Another Workspace Pt2

Here I am again~ daydreaming about how light shines thru windows.. how my spirit touches my soul when I watch the sunset into hill sides~

Its been a while since I last wrote about setting up a work space in every place my heart is... and home is were the heart is so it is best to have a setup or atleast a machine in every home I have~

Since I posted  another workspace pt1  , I have had many more~ and to be honest I hope I have many more until I finally fill my soul has experience the shine that many of window shields have to offer.. Yet at the same time I would like to find some type of ground space... were Im not always moving around.. Yet again.. how can one find such space if your heart is spread out across the earth~ leading you to homes you never even seen before~

 and soon to set up one more at my sisters house~ check out all the creativity going on over there to @ ZenNubian7.etsy.com ZenNubian7.wordpress.com

until next time~


  1. each seems very peaceful, serene, and conducive to productivity. what a joy!

  2. I seek change it helps me to be inspired and assists the flow of my creativity. Listen to your heart/mind no matter how many times it changes :)

  3. Your sewing is WONDERFUL! I'm now following along like everyone else, haha!