~Another Work Space

Harvest Time~
Another workspace

Yet another work space, seems like Im always setting up...Ive decided for all my living places either here in the states or in my little island life Im going to leave a sewing machine with a set up so I dont have to redo set up every time around. :-)

So Ive been very busy with custom orders online and from my local customers.. I feel so blessed to have the income coming through yet at the same time it is so over whelming to have a list of custom orders continue to grow when you want to create more for yourself and to bust your inventory... So I have stopped taking custom orders except for bags... Atleast for now...(well see how long it last)...... and I really want to work on my inventory because Im determined not to close down shop when little man arrives.

So be expecting more items in the shop..... ~~~
I was able to slip a couple of creations inbetween custom orders

Harvest African Print Linen Skirt/Dress (this was sold yesterday... yet you can still click on the picture to check the listing out)

Also still available (you can always click on the picture to go to listing)

Check out a custom floater dress for Devin...

Custom made Floater for devine

Until next time..
Create, Inspire, Love, Life


  1. Ah, it's great that you can create wherever you are! Your work is beautiful as always. And, I understand about custom orders. They are great, but there is still a need to get your ideas out of the brain and into fruition.

  2. GORGEOUS! You inspire. I love your use of color!

    Infinite light,

  3. Well, I see why you have so many custom orders, Sis! Your work is incredibly beautiful!!!!! That floater dress is divine!

  4. it's taken too long for me to get here!

    you are so very blessed. :-)

  5. Beautiful work! I wish I could dress like that every day--colorful, flowing, lively. You have such a gift!