Music Stolen from Travels ~

~ To have music stolen from your travel times is like torture to the ears peace ~

~ The Stolen Radio
I wake up to walk out side an go pass my car to see it had been broken into and the radio gone!! the radio... all my cd's thrown all over the place.. all my good cds gone.. mixes from years of history gone, mixes from artist friends gone, music I created gone... sigh... while so sad, yet so blessed that my car is still intact in the drive way not stolen, things happen. these negative entities in this world act out to get a reaction out of you and I just wasnt giving that to it.. I looked at all the positive aspects of it and just wrote it off...
Just now.. it is horrible driving with no music.. the car makes so many different sounds, so much room for the brain to go on random rants with its self.

~atleast there still music inside of the walls~

The Goodies ~

Yay.. I meet a new Harvest Girl who lives not to far from were I am now and is willing to do some modeling for me.. she came over yesterday for our first section.. It was just so luvly... Hopefully this will continue so I can list more frequently (atleast until I get my figure back!)

Ruby Inna Rough ~ Isnt she luvly.. In My Harvest V Flow Skirt/Dress and Harvest Kimono Wrap Vest

Also check out my new version of my Just a LIttle Money cuff..
Its way better than the other ones.. Has a zipper in the back to lay your money flat
Introducing The
Ethiopian Harvest Wallet Wrist Cuff (click on picture to check it out)
 Ethiopian Harvest Wallet Wrist Cuff

Until Next Time
singing to the hullabaloos
Create ~ Inspire ~ Love ~ Life

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