It has been so long.. This blog has been in full pledged neglect since I once decided to start it... Yet from inspiration of my sisters and other other bloggers I have decided to revamp my space and try another go.

Sigh How I miss looking out that window shield... Life passes by so slowing yet so fast.. The Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my spirit waiting for me in the hills staring down at the oceans sea.

Being back in the states is a little draining for me... Yet I am continued blessed with the things I miss from this place when Im living my little island life.

life is a continuous moving journey.
While revamping my blog.. Im revamping my little etsy space.. I use to complain so much about how I want to transcend from taking me out of the pictures and putting in models... Until now.. while Im big round an bubbly with a heavy baby inside of my belly.... I see how great an wonderful it was to just be able to grab something off the sewing machine, clip snip take pictures and list. Or take pictures before my local customers come to take my inventory out of the house before I get it pictured. Sitting around waiting for my friends an or sister to come model for me is so limbo exp in this revamping time... Sigh I will never complain again... I am so grateful for them yet I am even more grateful to have learned that its ok for me to be my own model until Im able to pay models to come on time.

Until next time.
Create ~ Inspire ~ Love ~ Life

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm running over to check out your Etsy store!