Back frOm Turks & Caicos Island

Imagine, passing the bay to run into a ray of green bush, hanging off the edge of a cliff (wishing u had a camera to capture the moment) taking deep breaths as the wind from the waves of the sea takes ur eye sight into a deep pause. No thoughts just a feeling, a feeling of , a feeling of, feeling as if you where the wind and the sea was your homeland. Wondering off into the cliffs to find a private beach, just you alone no others in sight, no fear no worries just you. After a hour at the beach side you continue your journey into the tree's, more ocean more breeze to find ur way back to town.


The 2 hours from Nassau into Provo just to wait 5 hours to catch a 15teen minute flight into South Caicos was worth the wait of having a few days of that moment. Even though the cause of business of the 1500 sum population of Turks and Caicos Island was to attend a funeral. Was such a release. I didnt realize how wonderful a place could be with so little people living there.. I mean when I say 1500 I mean it 1,500, I didnt know such a place existed any more.. I mean I heard that it was small but gosh.. it is so peaceful there. you can go to sleep with ur back and front door open with ur labtop in the car(doors unlock) and not worries about it. No body is going to go in your house. The police station. HA what police station. Im surprise they have one. It looks like a maybe three bedroom house and if you wasnt looking directly at it to read the police station sign you wouldnt know that it was a station. It has 4 holding cells which are ALL EMPTY. I think this is wonderful.. Most of the people are black. Yet all kinds of blacks.. Alot of Dominican Replubic. I went to this something they call a disco we in cilvalization might call it a hole in the wall lol. but I like to call it little Dominican in turks and caicos. I meet a nice lady name fedi. She speaks mostly spanish. She is nice. TOO NICE. I mean walk around town to find your right kind of drink nice. We became close friends and exhanged numbers, emails etc. Its is nice for two people to hardly know each others language to connect so well. I love Fedi. She is a Vegetarian, makes candles out of cocunut and bamboo and makes jewelry.. so wants to go into business with me.. oh nice... so going to keep that connect..

anywho.. it was a luvly trip....

now Im back in the cold weather.. but I do miss my family so dat a plus... except it is cold.. oh gosh


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