back to life of a Island

After our visit to Turks and Cacaious Island, I feel in love with it, I would certanly live there, so will just have to wait it out. Until then back to island life. Even though in the last three years I have moved around a bit much, I have been very blessed to have been able to seen and lived in some of the places I have (even the luxery and beauties of the states (?)!) .

The Islands are beautiful. Bright sun razes that hit the cliffs of the mountains peek. The ocean breeze flowing through the dust of air that reaches you while you ride ur bike down the narrow street. Sounds of creatures that sit in the green richness of the tree’s. Horses, goats, dogs walking by to greet you on there way to eat. Tree’s, gardens full of life, fruits veggies and herbs, no supermarket needed. Differnt faces, different smiles and even some beautiful frones sit beneft there concret shacks. My little wooden house that sits on a hill that I dream to have in every place I live. Oh Oh the island life to be.

I sometimes, well I know one day I will have land in my mother afrikka. Until Then, I shall sit in the islands breeze. Which ever one will except my plea.

I do believe that you should invest in island realestate. Its not that expensive.. Like in Jamaica, you can find property as low as 10,000 for 3 -10 arces of land, and also the same in belize and Trinidad. Its just finding the Island that you fall in love with. That is the key of finding the island for you... Which one you fall in love with... Me I am in Love with Turks and Caicous Island and Jamaica and also Hondurus and Belize... so I just have to narrow down to one, lately Ive been thinking all of them would be good .. lol.. have land some of every where... I dont have all that money, yet i have saving. (also word power sound)..

like Im sure I found a place in Mandivelle Jamaica where they where selling Land for 1000. a lot... so .. that sounds on the up and ups and its a beautiful place.
If you wanna know more info email me.. Ill send u a bunch of links of research Ive inquired over the years.

Any who who who....

So even though I am setting sights for the island life doesnt mean my dreams of volunteering and traveling the earth has disappered. I am truly blessed to be able to travel so freely and have the skills to work for self, unexplainable sometimes unworthy.
Blah blah blah

Ok Ill wrap this up.
So I cant wait to get back to sewing non stop and going back to the street conner and selling to the locals and tourist... that is so so so so funnnnnn..

Alrighty beautiful ones

Alll Love
Until next time..

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